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HYDRAWOOD - Water Repellent & Nano Self-Cleaning Coating

HYDRAWOOD Water repellent and nano self-cleaning coating . It applies to the surface of softwood and hardwood through simple coating process, and it is commonly known as nano coating, which makes softwood and hardwood form nano liquid film. It can provide permanent protection for the surface of wood and resist the pollution of water, acid, alkali and inorganic and organic. The surface is effectively protected, such as faded colors, algae, mosses and graffiti.

Needs for HydraWood

Water contained in wood is a precondition allowing wood-destroying fungi and insects to prosper inside which leds to decay.The water synergistically interacts with solar radiation and causes atmospheric degradation of the wood surface, as well as dimensional changes and crack formation . Nano Coatings increases the natural durability of wood against biotic and abiotic damages on its exterior and provides self cleaning ability to wood surface.


  • Hydrophobic / hydrophobic (easy-to-clean surface)
  • Anti-sticking, and it can prevent the attachment of moss and so on.
  • Tough products to maintain breath-ability
  • Resistance most chemicals
  • UV-optional filter