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Pushing Humanity
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Our aim is to advance human well-being by driving the transition to the sustainable planet and society by use of safe nano coating products .

We are specialized in the research, development, and manufacturing of innovative hydrophobic nano coating products with remarkable properties for different types of surfaces.Properties including extreme scratch resistance, UV and chemical resistance, exceptional durability and selfcleaning coating.

By continual innovation, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors for superhydrophobic coatings. We have been investing in the latest hydrophobic coating production facilities to suffice the growing needs of our customers in diverse regions of Europe , GCC , America and Asia.

Our Premium Brands

All thanks to our highly experienced chemists and experts who enabled this journey of liquid glass coatings.

Easy to Apply

Easy to apply solutions saves application cost of hydrophobic coatings

Resistant UV Rays

Its Resistant UV Rays.

HYDRAX is an extremely-lasting, 9H-certified water repellent 9H ceramic coating for exterior surfaces such as car and aircraft, cabinet etc.Its based on Liquid Glass Coating Technology which simply means SiO2 based technology


Protecting Prized Possessions

Protect Your Luxury Prized Possessions with Nano Coatings

Scratch Resistance

9H Ceramic Coating Designed to Resist Minor Scratches

Designed for Harsh Environments

Durable Water Repellent Coatings Catering to Market Demands

Improved Visibility

Improved Visibility for Glasses with Hydrophobic Coatings

Even though nano coatings are suitable for almost any substrate , not every coating adheres to all substrates.Each hydrophobic coating caters specially to a different surface , be it a glass or a metal or a plastic or ceramic tile


Japanese Technology

We Used Japanese Technology


Its Stain-Resistant

Industries We Cater

Our Certificates

We offer products that are certified by global standards to provide our customers with additional assurance of the responsible way in which our products are manufactured.


Our Clients

Our long-term customer relationships are the result of continuous innovation and impeccable customer service.

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