HYDRAFAB - Durable Water Repellent Finish

    From medical to vehicles, and now textiles and clothes, nanotechnology, invisible to the human eye, is now everywhere around us. HYDRAFAB is a result of one once such wonders of nanotechnology. It’s a semi-permanent invisible super-hydrophobic, the self-clean nano-finishing chemical that protects cloth, upholstery, curtains, and carpets from dust, stains, etc.This is unique chemistry that bonds into the fiber and, as a result, the dirt can not adhere to the threads of the textile, the liquid cannot be absorbed by the fibers.Our nano formula is based on safe and eco-friendly water-based chemistry .HYDRAFAB is also available as a C6 Chemistry Finish that can be used in Padding Mangle or Exhaust by heat curing.

HYDRAFAB is a Water Repellent Nano Coating for textile

HYDRAFAB is the perfect solution for clothing made from wool, silk, synthetic materials, etc. The color, the breath-ability, and the hands feel of the fabric remain unchanged. It can be applied to any garment, from the finest silk to the hard-wearing cotton to skirts, tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, tracksuits, denim, bicycle clothing, adventure shoes, and footwear.

Fabric Nano Coating HYDRAFAB

Water Repellent Nano Coating HYDRAFAB

• Let's face it, whether it's in hotels, hospitals, or homes, there's always a risk of unintentional spillage of tea, coffee or other beverages, which not only makes our costly textiles/dresses look dirty but also damages our image, which also spoils our mood.

• During the production of Jewelry Ornaments, when cutting precious stones such as Diamond, Gold, and others, their tiny fragments cling to the operator's fabric, design uniform due to the sticky nature of our Garments. We need to wash these clothes every time to recover the fine gold, the diamond particles. But more than 35% of these large particles could not be retrieved when washing them.

FEATURES OF HYDRAFAB - Water Repellent Finish


Appearance Translucent
Hydrastatic resistance 20+
Tensile Break Strength 96.5 lb/in
Based (Solvent /Water) Water Based Air Cure - Type 1
Water Based Heat Cure - Type 2
Color changes Not observed
Abrasion Resistance 950 (water based)
Breathability Maintained
Moisture Transmission 998.5 (water based)
Wash Cycle Type 1 - upto 5
Type 2 - 20 & 40 HL Cycles


HydraFab is a ultra-durable invisible super-hydrophobic, self-clean nano coating that protects fabric, upholstery surfaces, curtains and carpets from water, liquids and stain, & helps to be cleaned easily with just water when contaminated.