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HYDRAFAB - Hydrophobic Nano Coating for Textile

HydraFab is a ultra-durable invisible super-hydrophobic, self-clean nano coating that protects fabric, upholstery surfaces, curtains and carpets from water, liquids and stain, & helps to be cleaned easily with just water when contaminated. Fabrics stay clean much longer and are easier to clean. Fabrics remain breathable without any change in its attributes.HydraFab is available in heat cure & room temperature cure variant

Why HydraFab ?

Let's face it , be it in hotels , hospitals or household there is always a chance for accidental spillage of water, coffee or other drinks which not only that makes our expensive textile / dresses looks messy, but also damages our reputation, that also spoils our mood.

During manufacturing of Jewellery Ornaments while cutting the precious stones like Diamond, Gold others, their tiny particles get stick to fabric of the operator , artisan uniform due to the sticky nature of Clothes. We need to wash these Clothes every time to recover the fine Gold, Diamond particles. But while washing more than 35 percent of these costly particles could not get recovered

Nano Coating for Textiles Fabric
Nano Coating for Shoe



Features of Hydrafab

Water & Solvent available - Advanced Nanotech lab
Water & Solvent available
Self Cleaning - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Self Cleaning
Hydrophobic  - Advanced Nanotech Lab
Odorless - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Excellent Water Repellency  - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Excellent Water Repellency
Multiple Wash Cycle Durability -  Advanced NanoTech Lab
Multiple Wash cycle durability
Ecologically Beneficial & Biologically Safe - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Ecologically beneficial & biologically safe
Easy to Apply - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Easy to apply
Anti-Stain - Advanced NanoTech Lab




Test Report of Hydrafab - Advanced NanoTech Lab

Characteristics Result
Appearance Translucent
Hydrastatic resistance 20+
Tensile Break Strength 96.5 lb/in
Based (Solvent /Water) Water Based Air Cure - Type 1
Water Based Heat Cure - Type 2
Color changes Not observed
Abrasion Resistance 950 (water based)
Breathability Maintained
Moisture Transmission 998.5 (water based)
Wash Cycle Type 1 - 10+ & 40+ Cycles
Type 2 - 1. Cycle



Applications of HYDRAFAB
Hydrafab House Cleaning
Household – Textile,Tshirt,Jeans, Suede cloth
Hydrafab Hotel Cleaning
Commercial– Hotel (Curtain,Carpet) , Hospitals,Sofas Covers , Floor Carpets etc .