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HYDRAMETA - Water Repellent Nano Coating

HydraMeta is a abrasion & flake resistant nano coating designed for all types of metal or non-porous surfaces. It is designed to protect any painted metal surfaces from destructive forces, and provides a long lasting barrier of superior resistance to moisture, acid rain, UV damage, oxidation & ice adhesion. HydraMeta provides a long lasting, perfect, deep shine without streaks and it is dirt repellent for up to 8 years . It can coat all smooth surfaces like aluminium, painted surfaces, plastic, metal, stainless steel etc.

Why HydraMeta?

» Industries such as Oil & Gas , Marine etc commonly apply protective topcoatings over steel surfaces to mitigate the effects of environmental exposure to the sun including oxidation, chemical attack damage, corrosion and desire for better appearance. Conventional Anti Corrosion coatings are currently very susceptible to:

  • Acid rain
  • UV degradation
  • Weathering
  • Corrosion
  • Abrasion

» Moreover, the number one cause of the corrosion in sea and marine enviroments is salty water and cracks in the paint that get developed in the harsh sea environment. There is dire need of long lasting coating that can survive such extreme conditions without compromising the look and feel of the surface.

» There was also a dire need for coating that can be used in industries where is there often chemical spillage.



Features of Hydra Meta

Pu based Clear Coat - ANT Lab
Pu based Clear Coat
Multiple Wash Cycle Durability -  Advanced NanoTech Lab
Durability Life
High Coverage - ANT Lab
High Coverage
Excellent Water Repellency  - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Acid/Alkali Resistance
High Gloss - Ant Lab
High Gloss
Abrasion Resistance - Ant Lab
Abrasion Resistance
Industrial Metal Coating
UV protection
Scratch/Mar Resistant - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Scratch/Mar Resistant
Self Cleaning - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Self Cleaning
Salt Spray Resistance - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Salt Spray Resistance
Flexibility - ANT Lab
Industrial Metal
Excellent Adhesion


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Test Reports of Hydrameta

Characteristics Result
Scratch Hardness 2500 gm. (Excellent)
Abrasion Resistance (Loss in weight) 8.2 mg (Excellent)
Gloss at 60° 89.0 (Excellent)
Mar Resistance 5.0 kg (Excellent)
Alkali/Acid Resistance Excellent
MEK Resistance > 1000 cycles (Excellent)
Flexibility Passed 1 mm mandrel test (Excellent)
Adhesion (Metal Surface) 3 Mpa (Excellent)
Pencil Hardness Upto 5H (Excellent)
Pendulum Hardness > 200
Cross Cut Adhesion Rating 9 (Excellent)
Cass @ 50 deg. 220 hrs .
Impact Resistance 1kg – 100cm (Excellent)
Flammability: Retardant /
Flame Spread
Class 1 / Class A (Excellent)
Salt Spray Resistance > 1000 hours (Passed)
Accelerated Weathering (1000 hours) Excellent (<3% change observed)


20 & 60 deg Gloss Meter

Nano Coating - Gloss Meter

Cross Cut Adhesion

Nano Coating Equipment

Salt Spray Corrosion Test

Nano Coating Salt Spray


Applications of Hydrameta
Yatches & Ships, Containers
Hydrameta - Automobiles
Heavy Vehicles
Hydrameta - Metalic
Metallic Structures
Hydrameta - Oil Rigs
Oil Rigs & Vessels


Industrial Metal - Brush
Air Spray
Air Spray
Industrial Metal - Roller Brush
Roller Brush
Before & After Difference - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Industrial Metal - Compare Animation Original
Industrial Metal - Compare Animation Coated
Industrial Metal - Compare Animation Tank Original
Industrial Metal - Compare Animation Tank Coated


Kereta API
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