The ship is made up of 90% steel. It is estimated that around 25% of the world's steel production is destroyed by corrosion, i.e. 5 tons per second.Corrosion Protection is an area of great concern, particularly about the continuity and preservation of assets. We have developed and patented high -performance industrial coatings products that meet such critical demands and conditions in line with our expertise and experience.When it comes to floating though the gigantic oceans and seas, getting ready for the worst is always best. The ocean is unpredictable and can have an impact on boats, ships, and yachts. Corrosion is one common problem is faced frequently. Being amidst rough waves and unpredictable sea weather can trigger corrosion on your industrial equipment, ships, and more to corrosion. We believe that all metal substrates must be carefully protected against salt-water exposure by the best coatings.

When we are talking about high-performance anti-corrosion coatings, certain characteristics come in our mind. The first would be its durability, how cost-effective it is, and how easy it is to apply it. Does It provides ultimate coverage and is perfect for marine and industrial facilities. At ANT LAB we aim to find the perfect solution for all problems with corrosion. That is why we manufacture nano-based marine and industrial coatings that provide long-term protection and durability.

High-performance coatings are nothing more than heavy-duty paints providing ultimate protection for all industrial and marine equipment. When you are choosing the right type of coating for your marine or industrial equipment you must bear in mind a few important factors.

These factors could include performance, the cost-effectiveness of dosing, application, etc.
Our anti-corrosion coating is trusted and used by a wide array of industries including:
 • Navy.
 • Offshore platforms,
 • Oil & Gas,
 • Production & Processing Industries


• Industries such as oil & natural gas etc. usually use protective top-coatings to protect surfaces from environmental effects including oxidation, chemical attack damage, corrosion, and a desire to improve appearance.

• Moreover, the number one cause of the corrosion in sea and marine enviroments is salty water and cracks in the paint that get developed in the harsh sea environment.

• There is a dire need for an ultra-durable coating that can survive such extreme marine corrosive conditions without compromising the appearance and feel of the surface.



Scratch Hardness 2500 gm. (Excellent)
Abrasion Resistance (Loss in weight) 8.2 mg (Excellent)
Gloss at 60° 89.0 (Excellent)
Mar Resistance 5.0 kg (Excellent)
Alkali/Acid Resistance Excellent
MEK Resistance > 1000 cycles (Excellent)
Adhesion (Metal Surface) 3 Mpa (Excellent)
Pencil Hardness Upto 5H (Excellent)
Pendulum Hardness >200
Cross Cut Ahesion Rating 9 (Excellent)
Cass @ 50 deg. 220 hrs.
Impact Resistance 1kg – 100cm (Excellent))
Flammability: Retardant / Flame Spread Class 1 / Class A (Excellent)
Salt Spray Resistance > 1000 hours (Passed)
Accelerated Weathering (1000 hours) Excellent (<3% change observed)


HydraMeta is a durable & abrasion resistant anti-corrosion clear coating designed for all types of metal surfaces. It is designed to protect any painted metal surfaces from destructive forces, and provides a long lasting barrier of superior resistance to moisture,UV damage , acid rain, oxidation & ice adhesion. HydraMeta provides a long-lasting, protective, streak-free shine and is up to 8 years dirt-proof. It can coat all kinds of smooth surfaces like aluminium, painted metal, plastic, stainless steel etc.

• Besides, the number one cause of corrosion in the marine and the marine environment is saltwater and paint cracks that develop in harsh seas. There is a dire need for long-lasting coating, which can survive such extreme conditions without compromising the surface appearance and aesthetics.

Image of test 1 Pencil Hardness Tester
Image of test 2 Cross Cut Adhesion
Image of test 3 Salt Spray Corrosion Test