Food Grade Hydrophobic Coating

Why do we need Food Grade Water Repellents ?

»In daily life, there can be a significant (up to 15%) waste of liquid food products as residue in food containers and also manufacturing plant the fillers of the food are stained due to liquid flow.This waste occurs because liquids (e.g., soup, liquid margarine, and honey) remain adhered to the surfac. One strategy is to reduce th waste is to employ hydrophobic coatings (i.e., coatings that are extremely repellent to water), which have tremendous practical applications, including self-cleaning and drag reduction.Hydrophobic coatings are fabricated through a combination of surface texture (e.g., microscale texture or nanoscale texture or hierarchical texture) and chemical modification that imparts low solid surface energy. It can reduce liquid waste by lowering the adhesion between the container and aqueous liquid . As per FDA , any coating that comes in contact with Food must be compliant as per Food Safe Standards .

» Our film forming , abrasion resistant , durable coating is food safe and can prevent stains and make surface self cleaning or easy to clean.Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth without using strong chemicals.

» Our Material cures at atmospheric temperature and easy application via wipe or spray.

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