Overview of Permanent AntiMicrobial Nano Coatings

      Viruses , Bacteria and Fungi are also known called as pathogens are harmful but few pathogens are good and also protect our health like mucous membranes of our mouth , nose, intestines and other organs, many bacteria naturally colonise our bodies. Together they create an obstacle to protecting safe people. This makes penetration into our bodies more difficult for pathogens. With compromised skin and mucous membranes defences or injuries, foreign as well as endogenous pathogens can enter the body and cause an infection. Popular infections of the bacteria include pneumonia, infections of the urinary tract and infections of wounds or skin . Blood poisoning is suspected if bacteria in the body reach into the blood. Multiplication of bacteria is very rapid and massive. The genetic material will change in order to prevent antibiotics from becoming immune to these pathogenes. Such bacteria thrive and continue to survive antibiotic therapy. When multi-drug resistance is called MRSA bacteria to several different antibiotics. These bacteria are not harmful more than others. Often, infections do not occur more often. However, it is much easier to handle if there is a staph infection. There are only just a few antibiotics that work. Laboratory tests can be used to assess whether or not antibiotics are still successful. Antimicrobial Nano technology has emerged in response to the discovery that antibiotic-resistant strains of various microbial pathogens have emerged in recent decades, such as ebola, MERS, and Corona or COVID-19.Antimicrobial products are effective as AntiFungal , AntiViral and AntiBacterial.
      Antimicrobial nano-coatings were first successfully used on a large scale by the U.S. Navy, which found that nanomaterials were highly successful in preventing the growth of algae and marine mucous membranes. Nano-layer coatings, on the other hand, are on the rise in demand due to their increasing application in healthcare and consumer electronic products. Antimicrobials are generally understood to be chemical substances. Antimicrobial active substances also include ionizing radiation or technically produced surface structures. Each of the variants inhibits or alters one or more of the following cell functions of microorganisms:
  1) Cell wall synthesis
  2) Protein synthesis
  3) Cell membrane functions
  4) Nucleic acid synthesis (genetic code)

HYDRAGUARD PLUS Antimicrobial Coating Spray Manufacturer

      HYDRAGUARD PLUS: It is a durable, non-toxic, transparent, antimicrobial nano-coating and its unique non-migrating technology works 24/7 to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, algae, etc on surfaces like glass, metal, plastic, steel, fabric, etc. HYDRAGUARD PLUS is 'not' a silver nanoparticles based technology because they are not 100% transparent once applied and are harmful if swallowed. Our product is characterized by its outstanding chemical, physical, toxicological, and ecotoxicological properties. Our product is most suitable for automotive upholstery, household protection, hospital protection, etc from Virus and Bacteria. Our product is certified as per international standards test for Antibacterial and Antiviral efficacy against common viruses and bacteria.Hydraguard+ have been tested with 200 wipes and results were remarkable as 99.90 % kill which means even after 90 days it can last without wearing off its antiviral efficacy.

HYDRAGUARD PLUS Antimicrobial Coating Spray Manufacturer

      One profoundly remarkable aspect about antimicrobial technology is that the drug will not function directly with an antimicrobial agent or content. The molecules of the thin film SiO2 coating found in the formulation are so sharp that the microorganisms break down the cell wall and are thus rendered harmless. eThe antimicrobial coating of HYDRAGUARD PLUS is functional and made of dipodal silanes, providing 24/7 infection control , especially against Staphylococcus aureus and E. Coli etc   . With its non-toxic active ingredients, this solution eliminates the need for additional cleaning agents.HYDRAGUARD PLUS is available immediately in KUWAIT , OMAN , BAHRAIN , SAUDI , JORDAN , SOUTH AFRICA , INDIA , AUSTRALIA , BANGLADESH .

      Hydraguard Plus Antimicrobial is now tested for Corona (SARS COV 2) from a well known lab recommended by 'Indian Council for Medical Research' . Our product is designed to compete with Brands like Microban and BioCote etc. at 1/6th Cost with the same efficacy. We can modify the product capabilities to make it durable up to 1 year / 365 days as well.

Difference can be spotted easily with ATP Swap Test on a coated and uncoated surface HYDRAGUARD PLUS Antimicrobial Coating



Appearance Slightly Brownish
Dispersion Solvent Based (Water based can be made to order)
Color changes Not observed
Staphylococcus Kill % 99.98%
E-Coli Kill % 99.97%
MS Virus Kill % 99.98%
MS Virus Kill % 99.98%
Durability 90 days
Surface characteristics change No changes observed in Gloss , Texture or Color
Application Spray or Wipe
Cure Room Temp Cure
Shelf life 18 months