If you're tired of waxing your car frequently because it wears off every so often, then the ceramic coating is exactly what you need. The liquid polymer or quartz sticks to the paint of the car and gives it long-lasting shine. It's also easy to maintain, doesn't require a lot of car laundry trips, and gives the car better protection.This is possible due to advanced nanochemistry.

     HydraX is a highly specialized silica-based coating designed to meet the needs of the automotive, marine, military, and aerospace industries. It is highly resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and temperature. After healing, it creates a very hard layer of protection on the surface. This is equivalent to the hardness level of 9H.More about it in the next section.

     Silica coating, also known as 9H Ceramic Coating, is a chemical process that provides optimal protection for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. A correctly applied, high-quality ceramic paint protection will help keep your car looking as good as the day it left the showroom. There's conventional wisdom that suggests that if you want to get an insight into someone's true character and personality, take a look at the vehicle they 're driving. In most circumstances, this will hit the mark. Driving around in a nice, well-cared car would tell a lot more about you than just your taste in cars and your favorite color.


     To measure the hardness of the pencil, the test is performed by pressing each grade of pencil with a different hardness (as calculated by the pencil scale) at a 45-deg angle to the surface of the ceramic-coated surface . If a permanent mark is left, the surface shall be determined to have a "hardness" of that grade of pencil. If the highest score or grade on the pencil scale 9H? So, how is a 10H ceramic coating possible on planet earth?
Well, we 're the only planet in the solar system that can have a 10H or 12H hardness coating. Whenever you see that a ceramic coating is marketed as a 10H degree of hardness, it's 100 % pure grade nonsense, and it's virtually impossible.



Appearance Colourless , Liquid
Consumption 50 ml for Mid Size Sedan
Coating thickness 3 microns per layer
Thermal Stability 450 Deg C
60 Deg Gloss (After Coating ) 80 GU
Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117) No rust, no blisters after 1000 hrs
Scratch Hardness 2500 gm. (Excellent)
Abrasion Resistance (Loss in weight) 8.2 mg (Excellent)
Abrasion resistance cycles >600
Cross Cut Ahesion 5B
Pencil Hardness Test (JIS 5400 ) 9H
Pencil Hardness Test (JIS 5400 ) 80/80 inch-lbs.
Chemical Resistance Yes


We have tested this product for Pencil Hardness and found that hardness was 9H

Surface adhesion is tested by Cross Cut method and found that it was 5B

Salt Spray Test Results for 1000 hrs , no blisters were observed.

Image Pencil Hardness Tester
Image Cross Cut Adhesion
Image Salt Spray Corrosion Test


1. A nano-coating effectively provides the car's body with a solid, protective surface that can block and prevent all sorts of foreign matter from damaging the vehicle.

2. It helps to bring out the rich gloss.

3. 3 Year Longevity in 3 multiple coats.

4. Durability 5x Longer than most other brands.

5. Has longevity of 78-90 carwashes or 3 years (coat for 3 layers).

6. Quality protection for the preservation of excessive surface gloss & color.

7. Surface resistance to chemical & corrosion after coating.

8. Physical Abuse Resistance (Dynamic Abrasion & Scratch).