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HYDRAGlass - Durable Water Repellent Coating

HYDRAGLASS creates a high performance long lasting, easy to clean protective coating on all forms of glass surfaces including; glazing, glass cladding glazed ceramics. The product requires no polishing or buffing, simply wash off with clean water to produce a hard wearing, reduced stick, easy to clean, hydrophobic surface coating.

Need for HydraGlass ?

Do you like to keep your windows spotless and squeaky clean?
Aren't you sick and tired of scrubbing and using strong chemical detergent, trying to get rid of all the animal foul, dirt and rain marks?

Would you like to try an effective, affordable and virtually permanent solution that will save you time and money?

Well, look no further! A Wonder Of Nanotechnology, Right There On Your Windows!

In the geographical areas where its mostly rainy , It becomes really time consuming and costly affair for regular cleaning of household and commercial glasses .Just image the labor & cost in cleaning each glass panel on skyscraper every 3 years which can be avoided just by using an effective nano coating.

Due to UV light, the temperature behind the glass panels increases by 12% , this can also be avoiding by using a coating that absorbs and hence blocks UV light from entering the premises .Less Heat , Less Air conditioning required hence more cost saving.

In Five star hotels , it will be a total unique experience for the customers if shower start repelling water and also saving time for servicing them,

[ How does it work ? ]




Features of HydraGlass

Water & Solvent available - Advanced Nanotech lab
Water & Solvent
Based available
Self Cleaning - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Self Cleaning
via hydrophobic effect
Industrial Metal for Coating
100% transparent.
No blurs
Industrial Metal Coating
Anti UV and SPF

Excellent Water Repellency  - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Excellent Water Repellency
Multiple Wash Cycle Durability -  Advanced NanoTech Lab
Durablity of 6 ~ 8+yrs
(normal conditions)
Ecologically Beneficial & Biologically Safe - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Repels Dirt and Ice
Easy to Apply - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Easy to apply

Anti-Stain - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Ecologically beneficial
& biologically safe




Text Reports of Hydrax 9H Ceramic


Tranparency - Hazemeter

Nano Coating Glass Tester

Abrasion - Taber Abrasion Tester

Glass Tester

Coating Thickness

Nano Coating glass Tester


Applications of Hydrax Ceramic Coating
Shower cubiles, Windows, Sliders
Exterior Facades
Before & After Difference - Advanced NanoTech Lab
Difference between coating and uncoating


Inside View - Real world Test

Glass Car Dirt


Characteristics Result
Appearance Colourless  , Liquid
Consumption 25 ml for sedan car windshields
Coating thickness 0.1 ~ 0.3 mils
Optical Distortion No Distortion observed.
Transmission of Light No Changed observed.
Cold Test Passed
Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117) NA
Scratch Hardness Good
Abrasion Resistance (Loss in weight) Good
Chemical Resistent No
Reach and RoHS Compliant


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Hydrophobic Glass Nano Coating
Hydrophobic Glass Nano Coating
Hydrophobic Glass Nano Coating