ANT Lab's SX Glass Coat™ delivers an durable,optically invisible coating that provides water repellent and residue release properties. (A slight variant of similar glass coating can be used for Solar Panel Nano coating without any WP Drop .) In testing, the friction was reduced significantly, thus making wiping & polishing surfaces significantly easier. Glass Coating also increases the scratch resistance of the glass by 600 % - 800 %.
How to apply SX Glass Coating

Appearance Colourless , Liquid
Optical Distortion No Distortion observed .
Abrasion by Wiper Test Lasts effectively for 312 hrs .
Coverage 1650 sq feet/litre
PV Solar Panel Test No WP drop observed

ANT Lab's SX Glass Coat have several benefits ,
1. Easy-to-Clean Smooth & Glossy Surface .
2. Longevity of 10 to 16 months on a single coat.
3. Environmental Protection for extreme gloss surface & colour retention .
4. Chemical & Corrosion Resistance Surface after coating .
5. Optical neutrality of the surface is 100% retained.

ANT Lab's SX Glass Coat™,across glass assets :
1. Automobiles –Mirrors and WindShield
2. Domestic\Household – Windows , Sliding Windows .
3. Commercial Architecture – Building glass panel , Roof , Doors .
For details on how to apply , Download our Technical Data Sheet

Store in dry area at temperatures between 14 - 18⁰ Celsius (20% higher temp reduces shelf life by 4.5%)
1. Shelf Life (seal un-opened) – 8 months .
2. Shelf Life (seal opened) - 30 days .
Container Cap must be closed immediately after use to avoid contamination.
Discard if liquid turns white in color . It should always remain colorless to be effective .

1. Always wear DGFASLI approved Respiratory protection.
2. Fresh air and exhaust are required in the work area.
3. Wear butyl-rubber gloves and other skin protection to avoid contact.
4. Chemical safety goggles or splash shields are required.
5. Do not wear contacts without eye protection.

Here are few demonstrations:

View from inside of the car by coating ANT Lab's SX Glass Coat™

View from outside of the car by coating ANT Lab's SX Glass Coat™

HD view of uncoated surface

HD view of ANT Lab's SX Glass Coat™superhydrophobicsurface

Recent Image of coated ERTICA :

Video of SX Glass Coating